​​​​​​​​​​​Lisa Schoenthal  Inspirational Speaker and Mentor  

I am blessed to thrive as a lifestyle and relationship mentor, certified health and wellness coach, Hatha yoga instructor and flight attendant. I have authored The Men We Meet, 15 Key Lessons Learned in Love. Passionate about living a life full of joy and freedom I jumped off the corporate sales and marketing treadmill, and transformed my life by reconnecting with my core values. I have been accused of reinventing myself many times! And to that I say, "Why not?" Because as we step closer to ourselves things change- in amazing ways!

— I find soul satisfaction in writing, speaking, coaching, and sharing with others, as well as playing beach volleyball, swimming in the ocean, dancing, and traveling the world. Balance is bliss so I keep making the little shifts to get back to it! I am passionate about my life and blessed to find such joy in inspiring others to create a purpose-filled life.

 Your purpose and passion is my purpose and passion!