​​​​​​​​​​​Lisa Schoenthal  Inspirational Speaker and Mentor  

Nothing Off Limits with Michelle Owens

Is It Love or a Lesson with Lisa Schoenthal

Had the opportunity to talk all about love and relationships with the talented Michelle Owens, host of Nothing Off Limits. 
"Nothing Off Limits discusses wild, random, esoteric and sometimes controversial stuff that you didn't think you needed to know about...then realize you should!"
I am honored to be a part of her show! Michelle hosts interesting and eclectic guests and subject matter sure to make you think, open up, and grow!
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 Listen now~ Is It Love or a Lesson?  originally aired Nov 27, 2016

In this episode, we discuss:

– Lisa’s definition of love
– Humanness and Spirit
– Seeking out the blessings in unfortunate situations
– Why we attract the wrong partners and how to gain more awareness
– How others are mirrors that we can use to see ourselves
– Real love vs. a love lesson relationship
– Using intuition and gut instincts about relationships
– Establishing your own “deal breakers”
– Asking qualifying questions of a potential partner
– The courting process and attraction
– Mistakes women tend to make because of a natural instinct to nurture
– Co-creating with a partner
– The challenges of platonic relationships that also have romantic inclinations

The Mo’Kelly Show – Author Lisa Schoenthal Shares ‘The Men We Meet: 15 Key Lessons Learned in Love’ 

Delving deep into the psyche of the relationship with self, partners, and family, dating, sex, intimacy, nutrition and empowerment; Mo’Kelly is joined by longtime friend, author Lisa Schoenthal who shares her insight as well as lessons learned in her new book, “The Men We Meet : 15 Key Lessons Learned in Love.”​

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